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Orthodontic Appointments Anywhere

One of the ways Walker Orthodontics stands out from others is in finding ways to provide our life-changing airway orthodontic treatments for people who can’t make it to one of our offices for regular appointments. In fact, we treat patients all over the world, meaning all our patients can benefit from virtual appointments. Partnering with Dental Monitoring helps our patients save time by eliminating several visits to our office while giving even more access and attention from our doctors and team.

Unlike cosmetic dentists and orthodontists who only focus on tooth crowding, we find and treat the ORIGIN of tooth misalignment, facial growth discrepancies, snoring, and sleep disorders.

Remote monitoring allows orthodontists in Harvard, MA, to have way more contact with patients. In fact, with this technology, we monitor your treatment weekly, no matter where you are, and that helps you get to your final result even faster. It’s ideal for:

  • College Students

  • Adults that travel for work

  • Kids that participate in extracurriculars after school (and their parents)

  • Parents with multiple kids

  • People who don’t live near our offices

  • Anyone who wants to make their treatment process easier!

Keep your treatment on track without unnecessary travel to appointments with Walker Orthodontics and Dental Monitoring. Patients love it.

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