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Sleep Breathing Issues in Kids

Sleep breathing issues in kids

Often Misdiagnosed. Often Misunderstood.

Kids can show different signs and symptoms of sleep-related breathing disorders compared to adults.

For example, the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) threshold for adults to be diagnosed with sleep apnea is five events per hour. For kids, as few as one event per hour is generally a concern and may warrant treatment. In addition, kids can show drastically different signs of sleep disturbances compared to adults. Few people are aware of the relationship between health and crooked teeth, including breathing problems, bruxism (grinding), and sleep issues.


We help discover and treat sleep disorders in Lunenburg and Harvard, MA. The BEARS questionnaire is a simple, effective screening tool for many sleep disorders.

BEARS stands for:


B = Bedtime Issues
E = Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
A = Night Awakenings
R = Regularity & Duration of Sleep
S = Snoring


During the night, a child with sleep issues may:

  • Snore (even lightly)

  • Have pauses, gasps, snorts, and actually stop breathing

  • The snorts or gasps may disrupt their sleep

  • Be restless or sleep in abnormal positions

  • Move around, tossing and turning

  • Bed-wetting

  • Breathing Rate

  • Color Changes

  • Grunting

  • Nose Flaring 

  • Retractions

  • Sweating

  • Body Positions

  • Wheezing

During the day, a child with sleep issues may:

• Have behavioral, school, and social problems such As ADD & ADHA
• Difficulty waking up
• Have headaches – especially in the morning
• Be irritable, agitated, aggressive, and cranky
• Be so sleepy that they actually fall asleep or daydream
• Speak with a nasal voice and breathe regularly through the mouth

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If you’ve been told your child has ADD and or ADHD, you’ve had to address behavioral issues at school, or you’ve noticed any of the other signs we’ve outlined on this page, please schedule a complimentary initial exam with the Walker Orthodontics team today. We will help you sort through the confusion and determine if your child is struggling with a sleep-breathing disorder.

Dr. Walker has established a relationship with local pediatricians, ENT’s, and other specialists who can work together to make sure your child receives the treatment they need. It can literally change their life when sleep issues in Massachusetts are diagnosed.

Dr. Walker's evaluation and collaborative ENT  treatment can cure ADD if discovered before age 8! Remember, necessary dentistry for children can start from the age of 3, so it makes sense to have your child evaluated early.

Unlike cosmetic dentists and orthodontists who only focus on tooth crowding, we find and treat the ORIGIN of tooth misalignment, facial growth discrepancies, snoring, and sleep disorders. Don’t wait on the sidelines or accept traditional lesser concepts and results.

Experience our 3D and functional evaluations - FREE for children under 18! Your family's health relies on finding the right doctor. Now you have!

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