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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is orthodontics and airway orthodontics?
    Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis of mal-positioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns. Strategies and treatments may be provided for the prevention, management, and correction of such issues.
  • Who are the doctors?
    Dr. John Walker and Dr. Martha Neely lead our team. You can find out more about them and their qualifications on our About page.
  • Do I need braces?
    This depends on your current condition and requirements. Book an initial consultation to find out what your options are.
  • Are all braces the same?
    Not at all! If your parents had braces, you'll find that modern braces are a world away. We use regular braces, LightForce, and Invisalign products to help with your orthodontic procedures. Othodontics in Massachusetts has never provided so many options!
  • Who can be treated?
    We treat all age groups including children, teens, and adults. Please visit the pages on our website to find out more about each age group. As a sleeping specialist in Massachusetts, we deal with sleep issues and other problems that require the expertize of orthodontists in Lunenburg. Treatment is always designed specifically for the individual patient and the issues they are facing.
  • What is an initial consultation?
    The first step on your path to better health and a beautiful smile is an initial consultation. You’ll receive a thorough evaluation, meet with Dr. Walker, find out about your treatment needs, and see what all your options are.
  • How long does an initial consultation take?
    The consultation takes about an hour.
  • What happens at the intial consultation?
    The initial consultation gives you the chance to check us out while we check out your smile and bite – and evaluate your airway to see if you could benefit from airway orthodontics.
  • Do I need to visit your office?
    No, as we also offer virtual consultations. Whichever approach you choose, we can’t wait to meet you.
  • How are sleep issues in Harvard MA treated?
    Sleep breathing issues in kids are often misdiagnosed, and sleep apnea in adults can be treated without CPAP. Treating sleep disorders via orthodontics in Massachusetts can literally change your life.
  • What are the symptoms of sleep disorders in children?
    During the night, a child with sleep issues may: • Snore (even lightly) • Have pauses, gasps, snorts, and actually stop breathing • The snorts or gasps may disrupt their sleep • Be restless or sleep in abnormal positions • Move around, tossing and turning • Bed-wetting During the day, a child with sleep issues may: • Have behavioral, school and social problems • Be difficult to wake up • Have headaches – especially in the morning • Be irritable, agitated, aggressive, and cranky • Be so sleepy that they actually fall asleep or daydream • Speak with a nasal voice and breathe regularly through the mouth
  • What are the symptoms of sleep disorders in adults?
    If you feel like you never get a good night’s sleep or your roommate complains about your snoring, you could be suffering from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are often ignored, which can lead to serious complications, like: • Chronic daytime sleepiness • High blood pressure • Heart attack • Stroke • Heartburn/acid-reflux • Morning headaches • Depression
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