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*KL Conference / In person & Live streamed*

Sleep Breathing & TMJ

“Understand the Beginning And End of OSA. The Importance of Nasal Breathing.”

Introductory Presentation - Free

Join a presentation by renowned academic-clinicians, lecturers and authors whose daily collaboration has developed an effective protocol with predictable 'cure' results for thousands of patients in private practice.

The presentation will cover the scope of medical comorbidities affected by nasal breathing obstructions. You will be shown how to recognize the signs and symptoms related to airway obstructions as the origin of today's true pandemic affecting the quality of life, performance, and longevity.

You will see the tools necessary, collaborative correspondence, and treatment modalities that will turn your practice into a community resource for health and well-being.

The material and information are not sponsored, only prejudiced by evidence-based literature and predictable clinical success. This information is the tip of the health spear!

Lunenburg | 119 Massachusetts Ave. | Lunenburg, MA 01462 | 978.345.7988

Harvard | 5 Pond Rd | Harvard, MA 01451 | 978.456.8902

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