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It's Time To Smile

Smiling not only makes you look great, but it can also make you feel better too. With the help of Dr Walker Orthodontics and our advanced technologies, we’re ready to give you the smile of your dreams!

We specialize in airway orthodontics, helping to improve your breathing while aligning your teeth at the same time. With our remote treatment monitoring, you won’t have to make frequent office visits, and our satisfaction guarantee promises that you will be happy with your results.

It's more than just a smile. Visit us today and get started on an exciting journey toward better health.



Request A Consult!

Contact us today, and we will evaluate your child.

978.345.7988 / 978.456.8902


Lunenburg | 119 Massachusetts Ave. | Lunenburg, MA 01462

Harvard | 5 Pond Rd | Harvard, MA 01451

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