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A Fantastic Smile For Your Teen

Every teen wants to know how long they will be in treatment. The answer depends on several variables, but there are more options for teens today than ever. Each is designed to fit the individual teeth and individual personality of the person using them.

The technologically-advanced options we use make treatment more appealing, and with Dr. Walker, amazing smiles are always amazingly affordable. Don’t wait on the sidelines or accept traditional lesser concepts and results. Instead, experience our 3D and functional evaluations - FREE for children under 18!

Your family's health relies on finding the right doctor. Now you have!


Request A Consult!

Contact us today, and we will evaluate your child.

978.345.7988 / 978.456.8902

Lunenburg | 119 Massachusetts Ave. | Lunenburg, MA 01462

Harvard | 5 Pond Rd | Harvard, MA 01451

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