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Dr. Walker
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Breathing Disorder Treatment For Children & Adults


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Welcome to Walker Orthodontics
Of Harvard And Lunenburg, Massachusetts

It's More Than A Smile, It Is Quality Of Life.
Get The Scoop ON Your Child's Health In Totality By Having A
Consultation With the Professionals At Walker Orthodontics.

We Specialize In Airway Orthodontics.

Your Child's Natural Health And Wellbeing Is Our Highest Priority.

With Adults, Longevity Is Something To Consider.
We Are Here For Life Changing Results. 

Starting orthodontic treatment is an exciting time, and Walker Orthodontics is thrilled to join you on the journey to your most confident smile. Our team strives to make your orthodontic experience comfortable and fun from the first moment you walk through our door. Our goal is to give you a bright new smile but also to address any breathing issues that can significantly impact your treatment plan. Dr. Walker’s specialty focus on airway disorders is also referred to as Airway Orthodontics, and he is the top-rated pioneer in Airway Orthodontics Specialist in Harvard and Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

Using the latest research about the harmful effects of sleep disorders and airway blockages is part of our evaluation of your child’s facial structure, nasal passages, sinuses, and jaw development. By taking this approach, we sometimes discover that your child doesn’t even need braces!

Our groundbreaking approach is also redefining the field of orthodontics and dentistry for adults too because we use Airway Orthodontics to effectively help adults who suffer from the harmful health effects of sleep apnea. As a sleeping specialist, sleep issues in Harvard, MA, can be easily identified.

At Walker Orthodontics, your overall health and well-being are our utmost priority. Whether you are interested in Invisalign, braces, early orthodontic treatment for children, or relief from conditions like sleep apnea and TMJ, you can count on an individualized treatment plan to match your unique medical and lifestyle needs.