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You Want to Learn More About Airway Disorders in Harvard and Lunenburg, MA

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Did you know that most biological processes in our bodies are related to proper breathing function? In fact, the increasing breadth of research surrounding the study of Airway Orthodontics indicates that any ongoing disruption of the type of nasal breathing we are designed for can cause significant health problems. Patients often experience the negative impact of improper breathing in many different ways, such as crooked or crowded teeth, changes in mood or behavior, impaired cognitive function, and pain throughout different areas of the body. Dr. Walker, our expert for airway disorders in Harvard and Lunenburg, MA, explains below.

Airway Orthodontics – A Holistic Approach to Health
That’s right, how you breathe can directly impact your overall health. Dr. Walker’s years of experience and expertise in the field of airway disorders has made him the area’s “go-to” specialist for the very latest advances in successful treatment for the following conditions…

  •         TMJ Disorders
  •         Pain in cheek muscles
  •         Headaches
  •         Achiness around the ears
  •         Clenching or grinding teeth
  •         Limited opening or closing of the mouth
  •         Facial discomfort
  •         Poor mobility

How Does Airway Orthodontics Help Resolve Your Symptoms?
Our oral healthcare team at Walker Orthodontics is able to use in-office, advanced technological systems to determine if and how the root of your pain, neurological and airway status, or other problems like TMJ is related to any breathing abnormalities. Our patients also appreciate that relatively simple adaptations can make a big difference in getting quality sleep as well. For example, sleep therapy at Walker Orthodontics may involve wearing a comfortable, non-invasive oral appliance at night to realign your face and jaws.

Get Ready to Breathe Better, Feel Better & Live Better with Help from Our Expert for Airway Disorders in Harvard and Lunenburg, MA!

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