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Achieve a Straighter Smile Faster with Accelerated Treatment near Leominster, MA

Experience 5-Star-Rated Treatment at Walker Orthodontics

If you are looking for noninvasive accelerated treatment near Leominster, MA, then Walker Orthodontics has just what you need! We offer multiple options for accelerated braces from our expert orthodontist. Sometimes these are treatments used in conjunction with your braces or Invisalign; sometimes the braces or aligners themselves offer faster treatment times. Whatever treatment path you ultimately choose, your accelerated braces from Walker Orthodontics will produce your ideal smile before you know it!

Get Straight Teeth up to 29% Faster & More Precise with SureSmile

harvard ma orthodontist for suresmileGetting braces today is a completely different experience than it was 10, or even 5, years ago. When you opt for SureSmile technology, you can expect faster treatment, fewer appointments, and more precise results. SureSmile is a cutting-edge technology that allows orthodontists to get a 3D-image on your teeth. The SureSmile software then allows them to plot the new positions for each tooth individually, and maps your treatment plan automatically! The end result is a smile you will love for a lifetime in 29% less time than traditional braces!

Although it is said that “slow and steady wins the race,” SureSmile not only straightens your teeth faster but it’s also more accurate! Typically, you will need to visit your orthodontist every 3-4 weeks for an adjustment. Also, the orthodontist will bend your archwire into the correct shape by hand at your appointment. With SureSmile technology, you only need to visit your orthodontist every 7-8 weeks! Additionally, the wire is bent by a robotic arm, which means the wire is ready to go by the time you are seated in the orthodontic chair. Be sure to ask Dr. Walker how you can benefit from SureSmile technology during your complimentary Walker Orthodontics Smile Assessment!

Invisalign – the Clear Alternative to Metal Braces

harvard ma orthodontist for invisalignInvisalign straightens your teeth without the use of wires or brackets by using a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom-fitted your teeth. These virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition and adjust your teeth into a radiant smile that you’ll be proud to show. As a Premier Invisalign Provider, Dr. Walker will create an individual treatment plan based on your specific needs. Invisalign has been successful in giving hundreds of thousands of amazing smiles to both teens and adults. Please contact our friendly office to schedule your FREE Walker Orthodontics Smile Assessment to see if Invisalign is right for you!

Straight Teeth up to 50% Faster with AcceleDent Aura

harvard ma orthodontist acceledentWith the AcceleDent Aura system, you can now reduce the time of your orthodontic treatment by up to 50%! Using this pain-free, easy-to-use appliance, you’ll achieve your most perfect smile in no time at all. AcceleDent Aura is a lightweight, comfortable, and hands-free appliance that is used 20 minutes per day as a compliment to braces to accelerate tooth movement. The patented technology gently vibrates the teeth and surrounding bone, allowing your teeth to move more freely.

The best part of the AcceleDent Aura system is that it’s completely safe for patients of all ages to use! You may experience a slight tingling sensation, much like that of the vibration of an electric toothbrush, but it should diminish after you become accustomed to using the appliance. Accelerate your orthodontic experience without sacrificing aesthetics. The hands-free design allows you to achieve a beautiful, straight smile faster than you ever thought possible – even while reading, watching television, listening to music, or doing school work.

Schedule Your Appointment for Accelerated Treatment near Leominster, MA, Today!

Please call Walker Orthodontics at 978.345.7988 or click here if you have any additional questions about our accelerated treatment options. We will be happy to provide you with all the information that you may need. With two orthodontic offices in the central Massachusetts area, there is sure to be an office near you!

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Our 5-star rated Lunenburg MA Orthodontist and Harvard MA Orthodontist offer the most advanced orthodontic care for children and adults, including children braces, teen braces, and adult braces. Our orthodontic treatment options include braces, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, metal braces, clear braces, early orthodontic treatment for children, airway orthodontics and surgical orthodontics. We can even help you achieve your new confident smile faster with SureSmile and AcceleDent!
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